How To Get Honest Feedback From Your Employees

One of the best and bravest ways to assess your effectiveness as a manager is by seeking feedback from the people who work for you.  The biggest challenge in achieving this is getting your team to be honest.  There is always a danger that people will tell you what you want to hear.  So, how can you do this? Learn More

How and Why Feedback Can Help You Improve

How often do you proactively initiate feedback from your team members? I don’t mean the ad-hoc, daily discussions that are necessary for getting work done; I’m referring to the type of feedback that gives you direction, vision and strategic information to help you run your department effectively?

Any professional organisation will require that there is  employee feedback because it will lead to an improvement in the working conditions and in the overall improvement of efficiency and productivity of the employees. This will obviously have an effect and benefits on the company also. But what are the kind of employee feedback questions that can be used for this purpose? Learn More