2 Ways You Can Turn Your Team From Sheep Into Leaders

The most common complaint that all managers have is lack of time to focus on their responsibilities.

It’s not uncommon for leaders to be bombarded with questions and concerns the minute they walk through their office doors, and have to put out fires throughout the day.

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How To Replace Old Management Thinking with New Leadership Ideas


Often on our coaching and consultancy programmes, the discussions come round to new ways of thinking; that is, what do today’s managers do that yesterday’s managers didn’t?

It’s an intriguing question and one that would fill many books with the myriads of answers that could be given.

Many old-style managers still exist out there (Lord knows I’ve worked with most of them!) and they are still making decisions, solving problems and creating plans based on the old paradigm of management.
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One Of The Most Critical People Issues Facing Businesses Today


A question for you….

What would you consider to be one of the most critical people issues facing businesses today?

Wow, that should make you stop in your tracks!

When I spend time with managers of businesses I consult with, and the subject comes round to challenges they face in everyday business, the subject of talent (or lack of it) always raises itself.
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Can A ‘Retail Boss’ Improve Leadership In The NHS?


Former Marks and Spencer boss Sir Stuart Rose has been appointed by the Government to lead a review into how to improve management in the NHS in England. He will be looking at how managers can improve and become more visible in hospitals. Sir Stuart Rose has also been asked to look for ideas on how the NHS could attract and retain the best leaders.
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Are Great Leaders Born or Made?


I joined a lively debate on a ‘radio phone in’ recently that asked a similar question to mine above but in connection with ‘entrepreneurs’. Not surprisingly most of the contributors were entrepreneurs and nearly all of them had stories of parents or grandparents that were, themselves entrepreneurial. As a result of this the vast majority felt that their career choice was based on their ancestry and that people without this genetic influence were far less likely to be successful entrepreneurs.
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As A Leader, How Accountable Are You For The Company’s Success?

Harry S Truman, former President of the United States is reported to have had a plaque on his desk which read, ‘The buck stops here’ sometimes referring to it in his speeches.

The point he often made is that ultimately the leader has to make the final and maybe hard decisions.  Whilst this made him accountable for success it did not mean that he undertook the job alone. Learn More

The World Has Lost a Great Leader

On Monday, the world lost a great leader.

Stephen R Covey lost his fight for life after being in hospital following a cycling accident in May. He was 79. Learn More

Are You a Leader?

I’m going to keep things short and sweet today but I’m going to ask you a hard question and I want you to think about it over the weekend.

Are you a leader?

In my experience, I’ve found that leaders do two main things – and two things only. They have the skill and determination to get things done and they have the ability to inspire and motivate those around them.

Do you get things done?

Do you motivate others?

Take some time to reflect on your performance over the past year. Did it feel like you were pulling teeth when working with your team members or were they glad to work with you? And – there’s a question right there – were they working for you or were they working with you?

So, are you really a leader? And, if not, will you become one this year?

Thanks again,


Sean McPheat

Managing Director


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5 Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Life

As a manager you’re going to find that there are times when you feel a lot more stressed than you do at other times. You might even stop and wonder why you feel more stressed than those around you. The truth is that, as managers, we tend to believe we need to be perfect at everything we do. We need to be in control. We want to be right. We want our jobs done perfectly. In short, we put too much pressure on ourselves.

As you approach the New Year, take the following 5 points into consideration and see if you can begin to make tiny changes, one at a time. Eliminating some of the stress you’re putting on yourself might make your job just a bit easier to accomplish! Learn More

Helping Employees Deal with Change

supportToday’s ever changing economy means one thing – lots of change in the workplace. As a manager, you’ll be responsible for communicating changes within your organisation to your employees but you have a problem. The rumor mill is already running and most of your employees have already gotten themselves caught up in the buzz and may be worried about their jobs. So what can you do to help them stay calm and deal with change on a daily basis? Learn More