3 Essential Free Tools That Will Spark Business Growth

With the New Year upon us, the one thing every business owner has in common is a resolution to grow their business during 2017.

While that is a beneficial goal, it is important to plan the steps required to achieve it. Learn More

3 Quick Tips On How To Successfully Launch A Product

You have come up with a terrific idea, and believe that it will revolutionise the industry.

You have gathered funds to get prototypes made, and possibly even started a Kickstarter campaign.   Learn More

3 Quick Tips On Improving Your Small Talk Skills

If you are not good at small talk, it can lead to big disadvantages in the business world.

Although commenting about the weather or the latest sports scores may seem trivial to you, having the ability to initiate, or at least, participate in trivial conversations can help you navigate networking events, open the door to attracting potential new business and give you something to say to your own boss at corporate affairs. Learn More

How To Manage Your Business While Travelling

Employees usually envy the freedom that they believe their bosses have.

They think that their employers can come in whenever they want, leave when it is convenient for them, and take as much holiday as they crave; after all, it is their business. Learn More

What Is The True Cost Of Losing An Employee?

Losing an employee is disappointing, and a high turnover rate leads to many disadvantages.

Having employees quit can create chaos when projects are not complete, and you must take on the responsibilities yourself or assign them to other staff members. Learn More

3 Things To Look For When Improving Your CRM System

While a great leader can effectively manage their employees, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programme can help to manage your entire business.

Various companies offer their own CRM solutions, such as Salesforce and Zoho. Learn More

3 Don’ts When Dealing With A Customer Complaint

As a customer service manager, it is not a question of whether you will have to deal with customer complaints, but how you will deal with them. Learn More

4 Steps To Part With An Employee Gracefully

TWoman being dismissedhe worst part of a manager’s duties is to letting go of an employee. Whether you are firing them for poor job performance, or dismissing them due to budget cuts, the task is never pleasant. Learn More

How To Ask Great Coaching Questions

Question-Stuart-Miles-300x300There are some key differences between training and coaching. Training often involves giving people information and telling them how to do things whereas coaching encourages the person to think for themselves by asking them great questions.

Learn More

What Leaders & Managers Can Learn From Their Satnav

Sat Nav

I would be very surprised in 2013 if any driver has never used a satellite navigation aid. Let’s face it, they are generally brilliant at providing us with clear instructions, usually in both a visual and audible format. They warn us of dangerous stretches of road and have no doubt saved us from the odd speed camera flash! If we take a wrong turning they recalculate the route and get us back on track ASAP. Learn More