Alternative Ways To Hold Staff Meetings That Actually Get Results


Meetings can drain the life out of a company, with people spending so much time at meetings that they can’t actually do any work. But maybe you know that, and have already tried all of the standard tactics to reduce meeting time such as designating some meetings tactical and some strategic, starting meetings with a lightning round of issues, or even avoiding meetings all together in favour of emails or phone calls. Yet there are still meetings that must be held. Learn More

Your Weekly Sales Meeting – A Time For Action Or A Time To Sleep?

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Driving home from a sales meeting recently, I was thinking back on how one person was constantly on his blackberry, dealing with emails (or maybe playing games…I don’t really know) and certainly not actively partaking in the meeting.
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How To Run A Meeting Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

We’ve all experienced the meeting from hell; too long, boring and one or two people dominating proceedings.

Whilst communication is an important element in all organisations, many people dread going to meetings. So, the challenge is to run meetings that people want to attend rather than a waste of their time. Here are a few tips for making your meetings a fun place to be. Learn More