The Principles Of Change That Really Work

stuart milesChange really is the only constant, so how can you give yourself and your team a better chance of success when going through the ups and downs that change can produce?

Here are some tips that will help you along the road. There are never any guarantees, but there will always be better chances if you have a specific process to go from.

Firstly, always involve and seek the support from everyone affected by the changes. Remember that people will be more committed if they feel some ownership, so ensure your team get the chance to support the organisation as it’s going through change.

Secondly, ensure everyone knows where you are starting from and which direction you are going. Without that, people won’t know the expectations you have of them and their role and involvement in the change.

Then, make the end results clear with specific, measurable outcomes. Not only will this help you achieve your change goals, but also others see what you’re trying to achieve. It will make it easier to gain commitment as well, as everyone will understand the reasons why they are going through all this.

Also, plan each stage of the process in measurable steps, so everyone knows where they are on the journey. This means you need to communicate early and often – don’t spring any surprises on the team. They will be wanting quality leadership through the transition, so keep them informed of developments, which will stop any wild rumours from circulating.

Following these principles will help you on the journey through change, and will allow you to control exactly what happens on that journey. Keep people informed and there’s a good chance you’ll get full commitment.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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