What is Leadership?

leader ideaWe talk about acting as leaders all the time, but what I don’t know is whether or not you really understand what leadership is. The concept of leadership is actually two-fold.

Leadership is about your ability to influence your organisation, specifically your teammates and peers, in order to achieve a common business goal. As a leader, you should be able to influence your peers without it seeming as though you’re trying to guide them in a certain direction. You should never be forceful. I think that if you have a passion for what you do, others will become naturally inclined to follow you.

Let’s look at an example of effective leadership. As a manager, you can sit down and create a plan for your next team project. You’ll sit down with the group and explain what needs to be done, but at some point you have to shift mindsets and become a leader instead of a manager. The leader in you has to share his vision and point his team in the right direction. A manager maintains control of a project, while a leader keeps his teammates motivated.

In order to be successful, you must be both a manager and a leader. Which are you? Do you lean towards one side or the other, or do you find you have established a pretty even balance between the two? Look at yourself and your relationship with your employees and determine what you might need to do to become a better leader.

Remember, it’s about sharing your vision without force! Have a great weekend…

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director


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