“Learn how to actually enjoy the process of cold calling
and how to close sales over the telephone”




The course is designed to enable you to make more effective cold calls to your prospective clients.

During this course we will provide you with step by step methods for enjoying the experience of following up leads and converting them into prospects.

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Call centre staff responsible for making outbound calls to convert leads into prospects
  • Outbound Telesales operators
  • Anyone who is making outbound calls who’s objective it is to turn leads into prospects

What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • Learn how to overcome your cold calling nerves
  • Learn how to keep motivated no matter what
  • Learn how to play the numbers game that is cold calling
  • Learn how to increase your ratio of successful calls by testing and measurement
  • Learn how to create a positive first impression with a powerful opening line
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and objections
  • Learn techniques and strategies to become a first class cold caller

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