Improvement Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship

Management training courses designed around your EXACT REQUIREMENTS
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Improvement Technician
Level 3 Apprenticeship

Ideal for staff who want to improve the processes
and performance of your organisation

Who Is This Programme For?

If you’re responsible for resolving problems, preventing re-occurrence, and supporting the improvement of business performance then this programme can really help you to excel at what you do.

Improvement Technicians are responsible for the delivery and coaching of improvement activity within your organisation, through a keen understanding of compliance, project and change management and process mapping and analysis.

Our programmes are completely flexible in terms of delivery with minimum numbers of 1!

We can run this as an internal in-house training programme for a cohort or we can use our eco-delivery method all through virtual training and online coaching enabling us to run the programme on a personalised, individual basis.

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What Will You Learn?

This programme is all about business and process improvement. You’ll learn approaches, techniques, and strategies to analyse processes and performance and how to improve them in the short, medium, and long term.

You’ll understand how to make the change happen and how to manage it effectively as well as how to break down problems and using data to make improvements.

The programme will cover all the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required to make improvements within your organisation.

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How Will You Learn?

This is a 14-month programme and with our flexible delivery model, the choice is yours on how you’d like to learn.

If you have several managers within your organisation that have the same needs then we can run this programme as a cohort with a mixture of face to face, virtual and/or blended sessions – we’ll work with you to determine the right mix. Conversely, we can run this as an individual programme.

Our eco-delivery model is a mixture of regular one-to-one virtual training and online coaching sessions removing the need for learners to leave the office or their home.

Delivery Options

Icon Cohort
Cohort Delivery

In-house, customised delivery for a number of you from the same company. Choose from face to face, virtual and online delivery methods.

Icon individual
Individual Learner

Monthly 2 hour virtual training and coaching sessions for individual learners. Flexible, remote learning that is personalised to your role.

Core Content
Learners Will Cover

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Learning Styles

  • Informal and formal learning
  • Learning styles models
  • Learning agility

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  • Legislative and customer compliance requirements including health and safety.
  • Work in accordance with organisational controls and statutory regulations

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Project Management

  • Plan, manage and implement improvement activities.
  • Identify and support management of risks.
  • Identify and scope improvement projects and establish clear measurable objectives

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Change Management

  • Roles of the manager and leader within change. Influencing, reinforcement and coaching principles
  • Engage through communications.
  • Effectively coach peers

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Principles & Methods

  • Engaging with subject matter experts
  • Six Sigma principles
  • Lean principles

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Process Mapping & Analysis

  • Apply process mapping tools to visualise processes
  • Analyse process performance
  • Process mapping, value and waste analysis.

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Data Acquisition For Analysis

  • Data stratification, sampling theory, data types
  • Develop data collection plan and validated measurement processes
  • Develop data collection plan and validated measurement processes to understand performance

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Process Capability & Performance

  • Capability analysis – continuous data
  • Analyse product/process performance using good quality data

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Problem Definition

  • Develop a problem/opportunity statement supported by validated data
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Problem and goal statements

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Basic Statistics & Measures

  • Control charts – discrete data
  • Establish patterns and trends in data over time using tally, pie, run/trend and pareto charts

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Process Capability & Performance

  • Capability analysis – continuous data
  • Analyse product/process performance using good quality data

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Root Cause Analysis

  • Use cause and effect diagrams
  • Technique of 5 whys and graphical analysis

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Identification & Prioritisation

  • Identify and prioritise improvement solutions
  • Brainstorming, selection criteria

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Sustainability & Control

  • Create control and reaction plans with detection measures
  • Identify opportunities to embed changes to leverage benefit to the business.

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Programme Structure

This programme will been designed and delivered in a way that will maximise the performance of each learner. Learning the theory of a topic is great but it’s what the learner does to embed the learning and actually use it, that matters most.

All learning is reinforced with ongoing coaching, online resources and off-the-job activity to bring it all to life.

Each part of the programme will support each learner to apply their knowledge and skills via INTENT – IMPLEMENT – IMPACT.

  • What did they plan to change?
  • What did they change and how?
  • What impact did it make?

Each Learner

Icon 6 Masterclasses
Onboarding & Induction
Initial workshop and event about the programme and how to get a high grade.

Icon 6 Coaching Sessions
Skills Individual Learning Plan
Creation of a pre-programme learning and development plan. Includes goal setting and actions.

Icon 6 Masterclasses
Practical Learning Events
These can consist of workshops, masterclasses, virtual training, action learning sets, projects or coaching.

Icon 6 Coaching Sessions
Regular Coaching Sessions
One to one development with a designated skills coach. Covers skills and an assessment progress review.

Icon Online Learning
Digital Learning
To take in-between learning events and to help embed the learning. Self-study and in the flow of work resources.

Icon Assessment
Off-The-Job Training
20% of the learner’s total working hours is used for “off-the-job” learning and development activities.

Icon Regular Reviews
Ongoing Reviews
Held between the learner, employer and skills coach to monitor progress and to make any adjustments.

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Support & Help
Our designated skills coaches will always be on hand to help your learners all throughout the programme.

Icon Assessment
End Point Assessment
End of programme assessment. Consists of activities like observations, evidence, tests and discussions.

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Learners gain a pass, merit or distinction from their end point assessment based on their results.

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