The 16PF Management Model

You may have experienced something similar to the 16PF while you were in school. The 16PF is an assessment tool designed to review 16 key areas of your personality and are used for a variety of reasons.

Often times the 16PF assessment is used to help determine what vocation you are best suited for after high school. It may have been a guide that helped you determine which of two choices you preferred, or it may have helped you to start the job hunt from scratch. The 16PF is used in clinical and therapeutic settings as well – even to determine if two people are suitable for marriage!

As a manager, however, the 16PF can help you to choose qualified job applicants or to develop career paths for your current employees. From this perspective, the test focuses on five key management questions and should give you a great idea of how well your team mates or employees would perform in their job functions.

If you and your human resources department choose to use the 16PF, you will receive a Human Resource Development Report. It will outline the five critical management categories of the test taker, including his individual leadership style, his ability to interact with others, his decision-making abilities, his ability to take initiative, and his personal ability to adjust to change.

The 16PF is a valuable tool if used correctly. It’s one that you can use to determine whether or not the person you’ve just interviewed is a viable job candidate, or you can also use these tools to take a proactive approach to developing a career path map for your current employees during their reviews. The sky’s the limit – it’s all up to you.

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Updated on: 7 October, 2008

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