2 Great Reads For Managers That Will Empower Yourself To Succeed

Golden key with Knowledge EmpowerDo you want to succeed in life?

Do you feel like your current status quo is not the be all and end all for your career?

If you dream about achieving success, but don’t have the motivation to start on this path, empower yourself with reading two self-help books that will provide tips on improving your professional situation.

Think & Grow Rich

Although this book was originally published in 1937, its principles of success, as offered by writer Napoleon Hill, are just as relevant and applicable today.

Hill was inspired by Andrew Carnegie’s world-known formula for achieving success, which Carnegie revealed to Hill.

The author then spent over twenty years researching what makes a winner; he ended up studying the history of hundreds of successful people, such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

This book is often called the world’s best success guide, and it doesn’t fail to deliver!

Hall provides inspiration for self-analysis so that readers can discover what has been holding them back from achieving success.

By understanding and implementing Hill’s “Law of Success,” readers can find a thought, idea or action plan that can help them thrive in their personal lives and careers.

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

Success means different things to different people; some define it by professional accomplishment, others by money, and yet others by personal happiness.

However, to go after any dream requires efficiency, which the author, Steven Covey, stated in this book.

Instead of providing simple motivation to readers, or promising that reading the book will change the reader’s’ life, the author proposes that there are habits that successful people master, and mastering these will lead everyone to success.

However, he warned that it could take an entire life to learn and incorporate these habits, so there’s no quick solution.

He divided the seven habits into three sections: Private Victory, Public Victory and Renewal. Private Victory involves analysing oneself and being proactive about success, planning ahead and prioritising.

Public Victory encourages readers to create relationships with others that will benefit both parties.

Renewal describes the seventh habit, “Sharpening the Saw,” which means taking care of one’s body and mind.

The main point is that people have to get their thoughts and beliefs in line with their actions and relationships in order to be successful.

By first focusing on oneself, analysing needs, wants and beliefs, and then focusing on creating positive relationships with others, success will follow.

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Updated on: 7 September, 2016

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