2 Ways The Overworked Manager Recovers From Burnout

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If you wake up every day dreading heading into the office, try to remember if that feeling changed over the last few months or years.

While it is possible that you are working in a job that isn’t right for you, some people are simply feeling a professional burnout that they need to deal with.

Whether your job has left you feeling overworked, overtired or overstressed, it’s important to make changes to refresh yourself.

While it is not always possible to lessen your work responsibilities or delegate a portion of your tasks to others, you can make small changes in your personal life to improve your mood, lower stress and promote energy that can help you feel more energised and motivated at work.


Everyone knows the benefits of exercising – losing weight, building strength, improving flexibility and balance, etc.

The problem is that working professionals have to balance work and personal life demands, which leaves little to no time for taking care of oneself.

Exercise, however, should be moved to the top of the to-do list, as it can help you fight your career burnout.

Although starting a workout routine will leave you feeling sore and tired at first, it will make you more energetic and happier in the long run.

Being active creates endorphins which fight stress and depression, improve your mood and provide an overall good feeling about life.

That kick of energy and positivity will help you to look at your job in a new way, and give you the energy boost you need to complete your projects on time.


Professionals don’t often have the time to have a healthy breakfast.

Many of us skip breakfast altogether or allow ourselves a few minutes to eat a sugar-laden breakfast cereal or toast with jam in the early hours.

However, sugar in the morning causes a mid-afternoon sugar crash, where you will feel tired, sleepy and unable to concentrate.

To promote energy and help you feel refreshed and ready to face your day, change your diet habits to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy whole grains and fats to keep your engine running and keep your mind sharp.

Wake yourself ten minutes earlier to cook a quick vegetable omelette with spinach, onions and tomatoes.

Instead of jam, spread coconut oil on your toast, a healthy oil that helps your brain function better.

Prepare your lunch the night before or find a healthy lunch spot next to the office instead of grabbing greasy food at a gastropub.

Great choices include soups and salads (skip the heavy dressing), grilled chicken and fish.

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