The Project Cycle

Implementing the project cycle during your next project will help you and your team to achieve optimal results.

Ethics and the Economy

How your company deals with other businesses will have a significant impact on the economy as a whole. Ethical business transactions will keep your business profitable while at the same time keeping you out of the news with negative press.

The Spiral of Silence

Are your employees forced into silence because they’re afraid of being criticized for having a different opinion? Understand the Spiral of Silence and stop it before it hurts your business.

Do Your Employees Respect You?

A lack of respect on the part of your employees can severely damage the reputation of your organisation. Do your employees have respect for you?

Do You Treat Your Employees Fairly?

Are you treating your employees ethically? They won’t respect you if you don’t respect them. Explore some examples of unethical treatment, and then reevaluate your own work experiences.

Ethics in the Workplace

How do your ethics, or lack thereof, impact the way your workplace functions? Are you treating all of your employees in a fair and ethical manner? Are they treating you ethically?