If Carlsberg Made Managers…

I get asked all the time about what makes an outstanding manager or leader. I actually think it’s a combination of skills as it depends on the circumstances but overall, in my opinion, it’s someone who understands themselves and who can understand others to get the best out of them. There, that’s it in a[…..]

Our 2010 Open Course Schedule Is Now Complete!

This is hot off the press! We’re pleased to announce that our 2010 Open Course schedule has been completed! We’re running courses at Heathrow, Manchester and at our head office in Coventry. This year we are also putting on an Advanced Management Skills course too which is the natural progression from our Essential Management Skills[…..]

Lominger Team Models Whitepaper

Dear All, I came across a useful white paper that compares a range of current team models. I thought you’d like a copy. Please click on the link below: Lominger White Paper I hope you find it useful? All the best Sean Sean McPheat MTD Training MTD Training | Management Blog | Image courtesy of Big Stock Photo

Some People Are Leaders And Others Are Followers

That’s just the way it is! Some people seem to take to leadership and managing others like a duck takes to water. Others need to be guided and told what to do. Now if you get a “follower” in a “leaders” position then this can cause problems! All too often I see members of staff[…..]