How Do You Know If Change Is What’s Needed?

Sometimes you wonder whether change is necessary within your department, and the factors driving change may be counteracted by factors resisting it. How do you work out the results before taking the action? Kurt Lewin may have the answer for you. Lewin was an American social psychologist perhaps best-known for developing Force Field Analysis, an[…..]

How the Balanced Scorecard Can Help You Manage

The Balanced Scorecard method of Kaplan and Norton is a strategic approach and performance management system that enables organisations to translate a company’s vision and strategy into implementation, working from 4 perspectives: 1. financial perspective, 2. customer perspective, 3. business process perspective, 4. learning and growth perspective. 1. The Financial perspective: Often, there is more[…..]

Six Human Needs for Motivation

Tony Robbins has identified six basic human needs and believes everyone is—or can be—motivated by their desire to fulfill these needs. You may want to consider these needs when thinking about developing your team members The question to ask is, “What need or needs do my team have that will enable them to fulfill their[…..]

3 Questions to Ask When Your Budget Has Been Cut

In this unprecedented time, one thing is for sure; business will never be the same again, and with respect to your department budget, this will more than likely be the case! It’s unlikely that the company will increase the overall budget available.

Equally-Qualified Candidates – How Do You Choose?

You’ve decided that two candidates for an important role in the department should be invited back for a further interview. Both have similar experience and backgrounds…both would fit in well with your team. Here are some questions that might help you differentiate between them. “You need to convince me you’re the right person for the[…..]

Getting the Best From a New Employee During Induction

Imagine what’s going on in the mind of your new employee when they come to work on their first day. “Have I made the right decision? I wonder what they have planned for me. I’m excited but really nervous. Will I make a good impression? I hope I don’t mess up on my first day”[…..]

Getting The Best Out Of Training Your Team Members

Are you sending a team member on a training course soon? Many delegates arrive on courses without knowing the objectives and the main reasons why they are there. You can get a great deal more commitment from your team member who is about to be trained by covering a few bases before, during and after[…..]

How To Avoid Favouring One Employee Over Others

An interesting conversation on one of recent management courses revolved around the dilemma of a manager favouring one employee over another in their department. The manager on the course was discussing the impact this was having on another department within his company. He mentioned that, even though it may have seemed a trivial matter to[…..]

How You Talk To Yourself Can Have A Profound Effect

Many psychologists have long argued over the impact of negative thoughts. All agree they have a powerful effect on you. They affect your attitude, your physiology, and your motivation. Your negative thoughts actually control your behavior. They can make you sweat, make a messy presentation or forget to make that important phone call. According to[…..]

Managing Disagreements And Conflicts In The Workplace

This is one area that managers are concerned about, mainly because conflict within team members often appears to be very personal and can affect morale very deeply. What causes it and how can you deal with it?   Firstly, why does it happen? The main reasons for conflict appear to be: • Disagreements over responsibilities[…..]