Gaining A Competitive Advantage

Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage model sets out a strategy that creates a positioning in your market place based on sustainable advantages that you can build up in your industry. Porter states there are basically two types of competitive advantage that results in a third viable competitive strategy and gives you your USP. The two types[…..]

Using Praise To Motivate Staff

We had an interesting question on one of our open management courses recently. The activity was about staff motivation, and a delegate asked what she could do when she had no money for bonuses to recognise the input from high-performing staff. She noted that praise and recognition was a good motivator for some, but she[…..]

Deming’s PDCA Model, How Does it Work?

W. Edwards Deming is famous for developing a continuous quality improvement model. It’s a sequence of four steps that can take you through any project successfully and creates a benchmark for you to follow. It’s known as the PDCA model or cycle, the letters standing for Plan, Do, Check, Act Of the many management models[…..]

Improve Your Feedback Skills

It’s easy to give good feedback to your staff. You enjoy it, they enjoy it, you both get a lot of good feelings from it. What if the feedback is not so good? How do you deal effectively with a situation where the team member needs less-than-positive feedback?

Dealing With Absenteeism

Employees who take more days off than their peers can cause real problems for you. Morale, productivity and profits can be affected, and can irritate you more than than anything else, as you have to make swift arrangements to cover for the absent person, or simply lose the value of their contribution for the time[…..]

Making Meetings A Valuable Use Of Your Time

Why this meeting? Why now? If you ask people where most time is lost at work, the invariable answer is “meetings that don’t have a point”. So why do we let it happen? What can we do to persuade people that meetings are actually a valuable use of their time, and not another excuse for[…..]

Developing Qualities Of Great Managers

Do me a favour. Get a pen and a piece of paper. Carry out this simple exercise before reading down the screen. OK? Ready? Let’s go. Draw a tree. Any tree. Just draw it. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Just draw a tree. Go on, do it now. Don’t look down the screen.[…..]

Expectancy Theory. Why Does It Appeal?

There are many motivational models that appeal because of their applicability to the real world. None more so than Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory His theory assumes that all our behaviour comes from choices among alternatives whose purpose it is to maximise pleasure and minimise pain. He suggested that the relationship between people’s behavior at work[…..]

Motivate Others By Better Questions

How many times has one of your team mates said ‘I just can’t do this task!’? Have you often come back with ‘Of course you can’, or ‘Just try harder!’ Did it work? Most often, not. Why? Because most people will be able to justify any statement they make, and they habitually fall back into[…..]

Improve Your Interview Skills

With the economy seemingly picking up of late, many companies are telling us that they have started taking on staff again, albeit slowly and intermittently. Many managers are not practiced in interview skills, so it may be good to reacquaint yourself with some ideas if you are about to embark on a recruitment drive, or[…..]