MTD Move To Bigger Premises

MTD, the Management Training Specialists, have moved to larger premises to cater for the extra demand for their training, coaching and consultancy services. The Midlands-based company have larger administration offices, bespoke training facilities and a video/audio recording studio to support the hundreds of companies that they work with every year. MTD managing Director, Sean McPheat,[…..]

Applying Best Practice Management

The process of measuring best practice involves looking at other companies to uncover basic principles that you can model within your own business. When GE developed their Best Practice Project, their main ethos revolved around asking the question, “What’s the secret of your success?” The answers they got were surprisingly similar. Most companies reported that[…..]

How To Manage Performance During Downsizing

Have you been affected by downsizing in your organisation during the economic downturn? The after-effects of downsizing in a company can last for years, as you try to encourage the people who stay to commit their loyalty to the future benefit of the business. But we’ve found in our research that many companies spend a[…..]

Succeeding At Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become very important to many companies due to its strategic implications and cost saving benefits, but many companies have not derived the most effective benefits from it. How can you ensure that if you outsource work, you stand the best chance of success? Firstly, identify your company’s core and non-core activities. Your core[…..]

How Do I Get Promoted

To quote Peter Drucker, “The stepladder has gone, and there’s not even an implied structure of an industry rope ladder; it’s more like vines, and you bring your own machete!” Today work environment has changed beyond all recognition, and the journey towards promotion is changing inexorably within business circles. How can you improve your chances[…..]

Preparing For Your Own Appraisal

You’ll have read lots of information about how to conduct an appraisal with your team members. But what about when you, personally, are being appraised by your boss? Do you spend time preparing well and laying the foundation for your own success?

How To Avoid Burnout At Work

Daniel Simons, author of the book ‘The Invisible Gorilla‘, wrote something interesting recently. Simons looked at the evidence that demonstrates multitasking is not all it’s cracked up to be. He quotes that every productivity study in every industry published in the last 100 years has come to the same conclusion: after about 40 hours of[…..]

Overwhelmed By Your Inbox – Here’s What To Do

Email has completely changed the way we work. Most managers we talk to consider themselves to be enslaved by the keyboard, unable to accomplish their daily tasks because of the amount of electronic, as well as paper, mail they receive. What’s the best way of dealing with this? How can you proactively manage your in-box[…..]

Deliver Presentations That Will Blow Them Away!

Having prepared your presentation, how can you deliver in a way that will make the maximum impact? No doubt you can recall presentations from others that had you constantly checking your watch, wondering when this was all going to end, and concentrating more on what you had to do afterwards than in listening to what[…..]

Prepare Presentations That Will Blow Them Away!

Seldom will you go a long time as a manager without having to present some kind of message, Whether it’s to gain more funding, to convince a customer to use your services or simply to address your team members, you will need to present a message where decisions have to be made and your credibility[…..]