Need Some Motivation…Let Nick Show You How

Want some motivation to end the year and start the new one kicking and raring to go? Try this one… If you feel you need a little external motivation and a bit of a kick sometimes, Nick Vujicic will provide it for you. Thanks again Sean Sean McPheat Managing Director MTD Training | Management Blog | Image courtesy[…..]

Best Leadership Qualities In Business

Leadership is one of those qualities we all know we need to develop but wonder how we can apply it every day at work. According to Vadim Kotelnikov, who carried out a survey on leadership roles, there are a number of main qualities that people look for in their leaders, and I’ve listed them below:[…..]

How The Apprentice Shows The Importance Of Preparation

The UK version of The Apprentice showed how important it is to prepare for a meeting. By preparing well, you make yourself valuable to the company. If you don’t prepare well, you can end up making yourself look foolish and having your ability questioned. Take a look how Joanne Riley fared in her interview. Bear[…..]

Effective Communication in Business

When we run communication skills courses, we often get asked about communications within the business and how they can be improved. Here are our tips to get the best of this key skill:

The SIMPLE Model For Feedback

Here’s a good model to remind you of the best way to give feedback to a team member. Following it should be quite SIMPLE, as that is the acronym used to help you remember it:

Realising Potential As A Manager

Michelangelo once said ““The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it” I’ve always loved that quote as it epitomises what we as managers should look out for if we are to continue our development[…..]

How To Manage Yourself

So many books have been written about managing others; many more than have been written about managing yourself. But I honestly feel that unless you can manage and deal with yourself, the quality of your management style with others may well be poor. What can you do to ensure you get the best from yourself?[…..]

How To Terminate Employment

We hope it will never happen, but eventually in your management life you will come to the point where you have to let someone go. It’s never a happy time, but you can make it less painful for all concerned by following a few guidelines.

What Really Drives Motivated Employees

We’re going to take a look at the work of Lawrence and Noria in early 2000’s and adapt some of their ideas so we are all singing off the same song-sheet. The first driver they spoke about was the need to achieve, and have the feeling that we have achieved something and gained something that[…..]