8 Ways to Develop Motivated People When You Don’t Have The Budget

How I wish I had a pound for every time a manager has asked me how to motivate people when they don’t have the budget! It’s as if they think that money is the panacea to everything motivational, that money will create a high performance individual based on the worth they attain with the company.[…..]

6 Ways To Manage Remote And Virtual Teams

We get asked a lot about how to deal with remote or virtual teams, especially of they are located in different time zones. One of our main clients has team members in The Philippines as well as Mexico. The time difference can cause major problems in planning conference calls and other such contacts, especially in[…..]

5 Ways To Deal With A Micro-Manager!

We’ve all been there. You are getting on nicely with a project that has been allocated to you personally, and you are ‘managed’ by someone who is interested in every minute detail of things that are connected to that project.

6 Steps To Recognising Individuals At Work

Motivation is one of the enigmas that many managers never quite seem to grasp the importance of. O yes, they may say they are motivational in their style, but when you ask their team members to honestly judge their line manager’s motivational skills, often the response is not as good as the manager would like[…..]

How To Discipline Using Douglas McGregor’s Hot Stove Rule

Regardless of how long you’re in management, there will come a time when you will have to face the prospect of offering some kind of discipline to a staff member. Although thought of as being punishment, discipline should be seen as a way of convincing someone there are higher standards to attain, and you are[…..]

What To Do When You’re Leaving Your Current Job

So you’ve decided you want to leave your job. OK, it happens. You come to the end of the line. That promotion you thought you’d get never materialised. Your boss is getting on your nerves. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to look elsewhere to earn your daily bread. Let me ask you one question: how[…..]

How to Manage Conflict At Work

What do we actually mean by conflict? It can range from a difference of opinion right up to a world-war (and everything in between, of course). Conflict is the end result of a disagreement between two parties. One party things/feels one thing or takes one position, the other sees it from a different perspective. So[…..]

How To Improve Organisational Skills To Reduce Stress

Organising your working and personal life is not just important these days…it’s vital. You simply cannot manage everything you have to without specific skills, and the most pertinent is how you organise your working day.

How to Encourage Creativity in the Workplace

We are often asked by managers, how do we get our people to think creatively? We all know that creative thinking is a skill or talent that is highly prized, but how exactly do we encourage it? Good question. I think it all starts with having the environment that encourages creativity in the first place.[…..]

How Managers Solve Problems

You know the story…you’re right in the middle of something, and then a problem comes out of left-field. How do you react? How you face problems is one of the critical factors that helps determine how successful you will be as a manager. Many managers panic or resist problems, thinking that by ignoring it or[…..]