Are You Making These Motivation Mistakes?

Managers know that they need to keep their employees’ motivation high, or else there may be performance problems. But many people ask me how they can motivate the de-motivated. And they also ask why there is still poor motivation even though they have tried all the motivation theories taught out there. There are, however, challenges[…..]

Ideas To Help You Turn Your Business Around In A Crisis

Richard Branson once said “No-one has ever accused us of lagging behind. In fact, I’m willing to turn an entire company upside down if it’s time to do that. We’re in perpetual evolution”. I believe that unless a business is in perpetual evolution, it isn’t going anywhere. If you maintain the status quo, other businesses[…..]

5 Ways To Ensure Job Descriptions Are Worthwhile

I had a question asked of me recently that had me stop and think, because it probably applies to many managers these days. As business improves and we think either of expanding our business with our current people, or contemplate taking new people on, the aspect of job descriptions is often raised, and I’m aware[…..]

7 Ways To Enhance Your Business Case

A business case sets out the reasons why a particular course of action will benefit the business, how it will provide that benefit and at what cost. Your business case should be made either in value-added terms (how much extra you will get over the cost of implementing it) or on the basis of return[…..]

An Exercise To Improve Trust In The Team

Many managers tell me that the level of trust that exists in the team could be better. They often quote some of the main behaviours that reduce trust within a team, which include: * Sending mixed messages of inconsistency * Being more concerned about their own wellbeing than that of others * Avoiding taking responsibility[…..]

5 Steps To Motivating Your Team By Identifying Problems

Solving team problems is a key skill for you as a manager to develop. They will be looking to you for guidance when problems occur, following your example and following your direction, especially if there are areas that they have no control over.

Long Hours Equal Increased Chance Of Heart Attack, Study Shows

I found the article about workers’ health this week really interesting. A new study has found that office workers in England significantly increased their chances of having a heart attack by working more hours than their peers. The study, conducted by researchers at University College London, found that employees who regularly worked 11-hour days or[…..]

5 Steps To Choosing An Appropriate Leadership Style

On our Management Open Courses, we often find the most interesting discussions revolve around the section on Leadership styles, because many people have heard about them but haven’t really learned enough about them to build their knowledge and awareness of how to change styles when necessary.