How To Get Cooperation from Other Departments

One challenge that is often brought up in our courses is that of lack of cooperation between departments. Although you’re all working for the same company, other departments may appear to slow you down. Here are some tips in working with this situation. In dealing with other departments, begin with an assumption that they are as competent as you[…..]

How to Handle Highly-Charged Conversations

I had an interesting email from a manager who had experienced what he called a ’highly-charged conversation’ with a peer that caused a proper rift to develop between them. He asked my opinion on how he had handled the situation, and whether was it correct.

How to Give Constructive Criticism

Giving and receiving criticism is a key management skill, but one that is often put on the back burner because many lack the communication skills to deliver and receive in a way that gains positive results. Often, the criticism is not seen as constructive and results in demotivation rather than building up.

How to Handle Aggressive Behaviour

Once in a while, you will have to face situations where people choose to show aggression to achieve a goal. The reasons for the behaviour may be valid in their eyes, and they may be able to justify everything they do and say.

How To Overcome Nervousness Before a Presentation

If you have ever needed to make a presentation, you will have at some point experienced the fear of making a mess of things, looking foolish, frightened of forgetting what you wanted to say, having a sense of inferiority, or something along those lines. Why is this? Well, we all feel that we want to make[…..]

How To Support a Continuous Improvement Program

We had an interesting discussion on a recent training course about how continuous improvement within a department can be supported. One manager on the course was implementing a Kaizen Programme and his main concern was that the structure of the organisation, and especially his team, might not be supported sufficiently well to implement and maintain[…..]

How To Troubleshoot Any Problem

So, you face a real challenge, something that would test the patience of a saint, or cause a headache to even the most seasoned chief exec. In fact, you may go as far as saying, ‘You know, we got a problem here!’ There are basically only four factors that you need to consider when you[…..]

How To Beat The Peter Principle

You may have heard of the Peter Principle. Back in the 1970’s, Dr Lawrence Peter suggested that, in a hierarchy, individuals tend to rise to the level of their own incompetence. Most systems actually encourage this because people are told that if they work hard, do their job efficiently and get results, they will be[…..]

Creating a Vision That Inspires Others To Follow

Have you ever driven into a fog bank that suddenly reared up in front of you? You immediately slow down, gripping the steering wheel tightly. If you are traveling with someone, conversation is abruptly stopped. You switch on your lights and peer through the murk to get your bearings. You scan ahead for road markings[…..]

Help! I Am Suffering From Paper Overload!

Many managers ask me about how to deal with email overload and we’ve covered that a number of times on our courses and in blogs. But I also get enquiries from people who are paper-holics, unable to tell me the colour of their desk because of the piles of paper they have on it. So[…..]