How To Add Value By Managing Your Manager

If your boss has different ideas to you, it can be difficult to get on their wavelength and identify how to add value to their management. How can you work with the boss and ensure you both are singing from the same songsheet?

My Boss Does Not Show Appreciation For My Work

One of the least-performed tasks that managers perform is that of showing adequate appreciation for work that is carried out. As we know, recognition and appreciation are two of the key motivational drivers for everyone, yet we often fall short of recognising people’s performance, and there are many reasons for this. Some managers say that[…..]

I’ve Just Been Promoted To Manage My Old Team

This is an interesting dilemma because, on the face of it, you have been promoted to a new management position and you are delighted with all the excitement and nervousness that a new position like this brings you. On the other hand, you are concerned with how your ex-peers with whom you worked so well[…..]

Fighting Back Against Office Politics

I had an interesting email last week from a female IT manager in a large company. Here’s her dilemma: “I have a management position, but am always coming up against ‘male’ politics. How can I succeed without getting drawn into ugly gender battles and political infighting?” This is an area that has caused problems for[…..]

Searching For Excellence In The 21st Century

‘In Search of Excellence’ is one of the most popular management books in recent years. It created the momentum for other business books and established customer service as a key form of differentiation and advantage.

Create The Conditions That Drive Performance

One of your main activities as a manager is to get your people performing to their best abilities. Unless you’re a one-man-band, you need people to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the business. After all, that’s what you pay them for. But how can you drive that quality performance? How can you create the[…..]

The One Skill Managers Fail To Adopt

I’m fascinated by different styles that managers choose to adopt for various situations. Sometimes they will choose to be directive and take their mood out on team members; other times they will be jovial, have fun, delegate well and create a good atmosphere. People often say that, if there was one skill they would like[…..]

This Is Why Change Is So Hard

In ‘The Heart of Change’, John Kotter and Dan Cohen report on a study they conducted with Deloitte Consulting. Having interviewed over 400 people from more than 130 companies, they hoped to understand why change happens in large organisations.

If You Build It, They Will Come

What differentiates a great manager from an average one? That question comes up on our programs very often, and we have great discussions with managers who have tons of experience, as well as those just starting on their management career. The key to excellence in management often relates to the results you achieve. And I’m[…..]