Debunking The Myths of Management (Part 3)

I had an interesting email from a reader recently, asking if there was something wrong with her! She said she worked in a positive environment, where she was often getting positive reinforcement for what she was doing. Her boss was continuously praising her for being on time with her attendance or project inputs or meeting[…..]

Debunking The Myths of Management (Part 2)

In many companies, salary increases happen at certain times of the year and are given to every employee, regardless of their performance. If salary increases actually do improve employee morale, you would expect to see performance and productivity go up in line with the increases, wouldn’t you? Mmm. Well, you probably know the answer to[…..]

Debunking The Myths of Management (Part 1)

How many books do you think have been published on management skills? A quick search on any bookseller’s site will tell you it would take a long time to get through the ones published this year, let alone all the tomes that have built the foundations for management today. Why so many? Surely there must[…..]

Minimise Interruptions to Maximise Productivity

How many times are you in the middle of something important and you get interrupted by a person, an email, a phone call, or some other request for information? It breaks our momentum and mental focus. It causes us frustration. And it tests our resolve when it comes to sticking to something more important. Here[…..]

Getting the Pay Rise You Deserve

If you think you deserve a pay rise, say ‘Aye!’ Wow, I just went slightly deaf with all the positive responses! But, of course, you know the current economic situation and you’re lucky to still be in a job, aren’t you? Well, yes, but how does it feel to be paid less than what you[…..]

Do You Have A Group Of People Or A Real Team?

When we run programs on team work, many managers comment that their people don’t act as team members, and some actively work against their colleagues because of hidden agendas or personality differences. Many of the activities we carry out show that managers have little idea of what makes the difference between having a proper team[…..]

How To Deal With Absenteeism

Unplanned absence from work is said to cost over 40 million work days per year in the UK alone, which is a huge percentage of production time lost. Is there anything you can do to manage absenteeism without risking claims of discrimination? Yes, there is. There are several things you can do to protect your[…..]

Help! I Made a Bad Hiring Decision!

You know the feeling…you’ve taken on a new employee, they seemed exactly the right type of person from their CV and the interview, they’ve got their feet under the table and …. Whatever the reason, many new hires simply don’t turn out the way you thought they would. There is no fail safe technique for[…..]

Global Report Shows The State Of Employee Depression

I was looking at the 2011 Global Mindset Index Report this week,(click here to download it) and it makes interesting and rather disturbing reading. It shows, among other things, that: one in four employees (23%) worldwide identifies with five or more of the key factors in depression (as outlined by the World Health Organisation) only 12% of the[…..]