How Do I Manage Someone Who Is More Knowledgeable Than Me?

We had an interesting question this week on our management course that opened up a good discussion on leadership. The question came from a new manager who had been promoted from among his peers and was now managing people who were much more knowledgeable and experienced than he was. His question was how should he[…..]

Turning The Vision Into Reality

What is your vision for your company, your department or yourself? Now, before you think this is going to be missive full of woo-woo and incantations, I’m talking about those common goals and compelling views of the future that help others, as well as yourself, relate to personal goals and those of the business as[…..]

Tactics For Dealing With Difficult People

There’s a saying in the north of England that goes something like, ‘There’s nought so queer as folk!’ With apologies to our northern readers, the saying is absolutely correct. If you’ve ever had to have dealings with human beings, the best way you can describe different people is…well…different! As managers we meet a complex mixture[…..]

Developing Your Creativity as a Manager

  People very often confuse creativity and innovation. Basically, creativity is the thinking that generates ideas; innovation is the practical application of those creative ideas to meet your business’s objectives more effectively. But creativity is never enough on its own, since ideas are only the raw materials for innovation. You need a screening and development[…..]

Management Teams – Why They Succeed Or Fail

Effective teamworking is seen today as the key to success in many organisations. Meredith Belbin identified the characteristics of people needed to make up a successful team. His recommendations are still used today, so if you have to build a team, his ideas may well prove useful, nearly 30 years after his great book was[…..]

How To Make On-The-Job Training Work Effectively

Today’s economy has far-reaching effects on businesses, and we recognise that one of the key areas that are neglected because of cost implications is that of people-development. Many managers consider the only way they can develop their staff is by sending them on courses, which can prove costly if they are not followed up and[…..]

How To Become Socially Intelligent With Your Staff

Would you consider yourself intelligent? Of course! How would you get a management position if you weren’t? But scientists today have recognised that there are different ‘types’ or levels of intelligence, and it’s necessary to know what they are in order to ensure you are not left behind in the learning revolution.

Understanding the EFQM Excellence Model

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model is based on the premise that excellent results with respect to performance, customers, people and society are achieved through partnerships, resources and processes. The model explains performance gaps and identifies improvement directions. I’ve used it a number of times to determine the future direction of my[…..]

Ways To Improve Your Memory

It’s strange how we remember things that are important to us and forget things that are not. Or is it sometimes the other way round for you? When you forget something, actually the memory hasn’t left you; you simply are unable to retrieve it because your long-term memory has two major components.

How to Criticise Without Being Critical

Stop for a moment and ask yourself…why do I need to criticise someone else? Simple question, simple answers. Because they have failed, botched, screwed-up, or not performed to the level I expected, I have to let them know how I feel about it.