How to Avoid Poor Taste Comments

  You know the feeling; a comment from another person makes your eyebrows rise, your mouth open wide and a sharp intake of breath taken in. They’ve made a comment that can only be described as being in ‘poor taste’.

Conducting a Team Self-Evaluation

Many teams are actually just a group of people who happen to be working under the same roof. They may have similar jobs, work for the same company and aim for similar results, but are they all pulling in the same direction, meeting the same objectives and aiding each other to create a great working[…..]

How to Develop Your Staff Skills Without Breaking the Budget

  When I visit clients, the conversation often turns to how their staff could do with further development. That’s music to my ears, as that’s the service I offer! But a fundamental question I ask of them makes them stop and think. I ask, ‘If developing your people’s skills is so important, what processes do[…..]

How To Effectively Deal With Confrontation

Of all the skills managers want to have improved, communication pretty much comes up there at the top. Along with negotiating a higher salary, of course! But communication is such a broad subject. I often ask clients, ‘If there was one area of communication you find hard to deal with or improve, what would it[…..]

Dealing With Defensive Reactions From Others

So, you’ve made all the plans on how to deal with that difficult situation. You know exactly what you are going to say to that person. You are confident that you’ve considered all the options and you’ve covered all the bases when it comes to their reaction. And then they go and do something you[…..]

When Not To Use Email

It’s often said these days that we have never had as much information as we have today, and never communicated less than we do today. There’s some element of truth in that. How many times do you find yourself immersed in information, yet unable to get someone to carry out a simple task for you?

Is This Person Ready For Promotion?

It’s a more commonly-asked question than it might appear. Should I actually promote the person I am considering is right for the advanced role, or should I ensure they have the attributes, skills and knowledge before placing them in the new role?

How To Encourage Learning and Development

Many companies have cut back on their training budgets in today’s economic climate, as they put their attention on surviving and ensuring every penny is well-invested. But this doesn’t mean they have to neglect the development and progress of their people. In fact, if you know how people learn, grow, advance and develop, you can[…..]

Being Powerfully Positive…The Can-Do Attitude

Many of the comments we get on our courses revolve around the way that people communicate with each other at work. Sometimes people can be pretty hard to each other, and relationships can be strained at best, destroyed at worst. People want you to provide answers to questions, perform certain tasks, want to know when[…..]