Ensuring Win-Win in Conflict Situations At Work

Dealing with conflict situations is not an easy option for most people at work. They tend to lean toward the extremes, rather than the solution, that is, they either become aggressive, passive-aggressive or submissive. None of these behavioural traits are the most effective way of dealing with a conflict or disagreement at work. One area[…..]

Managing Yourself – Building a Better You

How much time do you spend at work? Now, how much of that time is devoted to managing yourself, as opposed to your team members? Ok, so you don’t have time to manage yourself. Well, how about finding out how you can make your job easier for yourself. Does that sound better? Here are some tips on how you can[…..]

Should I Manage or Should I Lead?

That is the question. Many ‘managers’ have wondered if there is a real difference between the two, that is, aren’t the terms synonymous these days, and isn’t it just a case of semantics? Well, let’s take a look back and identify where the words actually came from…

Ideal Managers in Multi-Cultural Organisations

  I’m in Sweden at the moment, running a fascinating Management Programme for an International company, and the question came up concerning the ideal manager for a multi-cultural organisation. They were discussing whether there is such a thing as an ideal manager in their situation.

A Wake-Up Call For Businesses

The Headline in the New York Times read as follows: Why I am leaving Goldman-Sachs Greg Smith is resigning today as a Goldman Sachs executive director and head of the firm’s United States equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

How the Expectancy Theory of Motivation Really Works

Expectancy theory suggests that motivation is based on how much we want something and how likely we think we are to get it. I often discuss this facet of motivation when coaching managers, as it answers many questions about desire, want and need for extrinsic motivation. The formal framework of expectancy theory was developed by[…..]

How Your Attitude Shows In Your Behaviour

Have you ever judged someone else? Huh? Is water wet? Of course we all have done it. But what are those judgments usually based on? Normally it’s their behaviour, the things they do or say. We see a behaviour, we run them past our belief systems, standards and rules as to what we think is[…..]

Remembering Names and Faces

Isn’t it frustrating? You have just been introduced to someone, they have told you their name and it goes in but doesn’t stick. Then comes that embarrassing moment when you have to ask the person to repeat their name. Wouldn’t it have been better if you knew the person’s name, could remember it with ease[…..]

Addicted To Your Inbox? Here’s What To Do

When you settle in to your day’s work, what’s the first thing you do? After coffee, chat and switching your brain on, of course? Most will answer that we check our emails. Many will say we start answering our emails. Some will say we are addicted to emails. Well, if you’re one of them, there is light[…..]

Kurt Lewin’s Ideas for Change Management

As I stepped out of the house the other morning, the chill in the air made me groan, as I had forgotten to cover my windscreen on the car overnight. Sure enough, it was covered in ice. I picked up the de-icer from my car boot and did the necessaries on the windscreen.