Defining and Modelling Excellence

  Who wouldn’t want their team to exhibit excellent work? The main reason I see managers complain about the quality of work produced by their teams is because we rarely talk about what excellence looks like and how we would know if it actually occurred. People make individual choices about what to do and how[…..]

Book Review – Managing by Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg’s book ‘Managing’ has received excellent reviews, and it’s got a good slot in my bookcase. The management guru talks about popular but false views about the nature of managerial work, separates fact from myth, and provides the best information yet published on what managers do and how they do it.

Looking From A Different Perspective

Some managers were given the task of measuring the height of a flagpole. They looked at the task and discussed how it should be done. Ladders were purloined and tape measures  employed. Managers tried to climb the ladders, without success. The tape was dropped and tempers were raised.

How to ensure MAGIC meetings

Meetings can be testing, even for the most prepared manager, and most people will agree that the amount of time wasted in meetings could be drastically reduced if several steps are taken. And those steps are fairly simple and straightforward.

Engaging Employees at Work

  The article Four Levels of Employee Engagement evoked a lot of response from people, especially on the subject ‘how do you get people to level 4?’. A typical question came from Henry, who asks, “Getting people to operate at level four is very difficult. Most people in my experience have too many other things going[…..]

How Focus Can Get Results

In a recent article on FOCUS, we outlined the five ways that focus can gain effective results. By aiming specifically at a goal, it’s like aiming a laser beam at a target; you go straight for the heart of the matter and identify how the means will achieve the end result. Well, to back this up, let me ask[…..]

How Goals Differ From Purpose

A bus driver was having a hard day. No matter how quickly he drove between bus stops, he simply couldn’t keep to the timetable his bosses had demanded. He came back to the depot with a look of frustration and a feeling of anger. His boss approached him and asked if all was OK. The[…..]

How To Make Sure They Get it Right First Time

On one of our programs, a manager remarked that he had a team member who, no matter how he gave directions of what should be done, always failed to comply. It wasn’t a matter of competence or illiteracy…they just failed to do what was asked of them to the degree required. He asked what he[…..]

Accomplishing Your Goals May Be a Matter of Focus

In order to accomplish your goals, it’s important that you are able to keep the steps to achievement uppermost in your mind. Here’s a quick acronym that will assist you in maintaining your momentum. Think of the word FOCUS.

How To Get Organised

Organisation skills…is that an oxymoron? Are we able to organise ourselves and learn actual skills to be able to do it? Well, in order to achieve any kind of results, there are certain steps you can take to achieve the level of organisation that helps you achieve goals and targets. To be organised only requires[…..]