The Structure of Real Rapport

You know that the best way to influence another person is to build rapport first. The best way to do this with integrity and honesty is through a process called Matching. Matching is the process where you adjust the same aspects of your external behaviour to approximate those same aspects of the other person’s external[…..]

Diagnose & Plan For Change

Many managers have difficulties diagnosing what actually needs to change within their department or business, and then worry about how to plan for it. When change has been recognised as a key component to successful future performance, it is time to analyse what steps you can take to implement it. There are several questions that[…..]

What Legacy Would You Like To Leave?

A recent British radio series invited people to discuss their life’s legacy and discuss what they would like to be remembered for. It set me thinking: What would you like to be remembered for when you leave your current position? (always assuming that it may happen in the future!) Many managers I speak to rarely[…..]

How to Discover What People Expect of You

As a manager, how do you discover what people expect you to do? What feedback do you want that will help you improve your game and create opportunities for expansion in the future? The best way yet found to increase knowledge is to ask questions. So here are a few questions to ask that will[…..]