How To Maintain Continuous Improvement

Improving your management skills is a key factor in the success of any business and department. You can’t stand still in today’s business world; to be successful, you not only need to be as good as you possibly can be, you also need to maintain continuous improvement.

Watch Out For These Dysfunctional Roles in Teams

You will have heard of the roles that people play when they are in teams, and how those roles can be very beneficial to a team or can cause lots of problems. Members sometimes attempt to satisfy some individual needs that are irrelevant and often counter-productive to the tasks and roles of a team.

Tips For Managers Who Can’t Say No

As a manager, you always want to do your best for yourself and others. Seldom do you want to reject your team members’ requests for assistance, as you feel you are there to help and if you don’t, you aren’t being the helpful or doing your job.

10 Ways To Stop Communication Overload

It’s one of the most popular themes we have on our training programmes, and it won’t be any different in the future. The question ‘How do we get over Communication Overload?’ must come up more frequently than any other. The way that technology has made information so easy to transfer has brought with it so[…..]

Managers Show Optimism For 2013

The CMI’s Future Forecast is an annual report that aims to measure business confidence for the year ahead. In 2012, for the first time since the coalition came to power, positivity among managers about their organisation’s prospects has tipped over the 50% mark to hit 53%. Business managers have decided that there light at the end of[…..]

Techniques To Achieve Persuasion With Anyone

When we talk about techniques to achieve persuasion with anyone, it makes it sound like you can do it with everyone, no exceptions. Some people assume that they can’t be persuaded against their will. But if you have ever bought something as a result of an advert, poster or leaflet, and afterwards realised you didn’t[…..]

The Top 10 Management Skills You Will Need For 2013

With 2013 just round the corner, the team at MTD have been thinking about what the year ahead will have in store for managers across all sectors and industries. Although you can never truly predict what the new year will bring, there are certain skills that we as managers need to develop in order to[…..]

The Concept Of Chunking – How And Why People Learn The Way They Do

  At MTD, we use Accelerated Learning (AL) as our staple way of delivering our training. One specific way that AL is an advantage for training is that it recognises how people take in and compute information. It goes into the short-term memory first and is then analysed as to its value to the individual.[…..]