How To Get Honest Feedback From Your Employees

One of the best and bravest ways to assess your effectiveness as a manager is by seeking feedback from the people who work for you.  The biggest challenge in achieving this is getting your team to be honest.  There is always a danger that people will tell you what you want to hear.  So, how[…..]

As A Leader, How Accountable Are You For The Company’s Success?

Harry S Truman, former President of the United States is reported to have had a plaque on his desk which read, ‘The buck stops here’ sometimes referring to it in his speeches. The point he often made is that ultimately the leader has to make the final and maybe hard decisions.  Whilst this made him[…..]

Discussing Problems With Employees

If the only time you speak to employees is when there is a problem, then you might find that you generate a negative relationship with them. Like the late, great comedian Frank Carson once said, ‘It’s the way you tell ‘em!’

Are You The Boss You Need To Be?

Who do you need to be to achieve your results?  What behaviours do you need to adopt to lead your team?  How do you need to act to support and protect your colleagues?

How To Create A Great Company Culture

When we work with a new client it is always interesting for us to see what the company culture is like. You can often tell just by walking around the building and seeing how people treat you and each other.

What Does It Take To Generate Employee Engagement?

Some managers undertake what is known as transactional management. This is where the manager believes that everybody should just do what they are told because they are paid to do a job. This type of manager believes that it is not up to them to motivate employees and it’s the employee’s fault if things go[…..]

How To Run A Meeting Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

We’ve all experienced the meeting from hell; too long, boring and one or two people dominating proceedings. Whilst communication is an important element in all organisations, many people dread going to meetings. So, the challenge is to run meetings that people want to attend rather than a waste of their time. Here are a few[…..]

Why Employee Development & Training Is So Important For 2013

Uncertainty over the economy both here and abroad means that 2013 could be another challenging year for businesses. The organisations that cope the best will be those that continue to raise the skills and knowledge of those who work for them. Here are some reasons why you should invest more in your people in 2013.