Managing Different Personalities – Part Two

In the first article in this four part series we looked at how to manage people with an analytical style personality. This is one of four simple personality categories based upon those discussed in People Styles At Work by Robert and Dorothy Bolton.

How To Ask Great Coaching Questions

There are some key differences between training and coaching. Training often involves giving people information and telling them how to do things whereas coaching encourages the person to think for themselves by asking them great questions.

Managing Different Personalities – Part One

Understanding the people in our team is a huge part of our job as managers. In this series of four articles, we use four simple personality categories based upon those discussed in People Styles at Work by Robert and Dorothy Bolton.

Making Your Business Management More Effective

Managing your business is a constant and ever-present process. It involves tracking employees, keeping on top of your software, monitoring your marketing, and more. And while the processes currently in place seem to be doing the job just fine, you can make your business management more effective by automating your processes, consolidating your infrastructure, and[…..]

Managing Your Mood As A Manager

How much does change of mood affect your team? Extremely positive and upbeat one moment as things seem to be going well and then something goes wrong which brings you down again.

Are You A Manager That Your Team Love To Hate?

We have experienced many situations on our training courses or during coaching sessions where people have moaned about their boss. Have you ever considered whether you are the manager that employees love to hate? I can hear some managers now saying, ‘I don’t get paid to be popular’ or ‘I’m their manager not their friend!’[…..]

Dealing With People Problems At Work

Giving instructions and bossing people around is easy when people do as you say. The problems come when we realise that we are dealing with people and not robots. Managers are paid to manage and motivate real human beings and this is bound to involve people problems from time to time.

Understanding Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions Of A Team – Video Blog

One management model that has stood the test of time is Patrick Lencioni’s Dysfunctions Of A Team. Lencioni stated that every team has the potential to be highly dysfunctional and in order for a team to run smoothly and effectively, managers need to understand the 5 key dysfunctions that a team can succumb to in[…..]

Time Management Tips – Infographic

Sometimes it really does seem as though there isn’t enough hours in the day to get all of your work done, and if you don’t keep on top of your workload it can easily spiral out of your control. The short infographic below gives you 5 key points to help you manage your time more[…..]

How To Deal With Losing Your Top Talent

Headlines in the sports media often talk about ‘special’ players and their talent. They begin to get head hunted by other clubs with money to spend to acquire the best people. In the end these stars are often tempted by the money and opportunities on offer