The Role Of The Leader In Customer Service

If you are a leader in a larger business or public sector organisation then you are probably not dealing with external clients on a regular basis. It is therefore easy (once you have agreed with them) to leave the policing of your customer service standards to other people. Here is the danger when you do[…..]

What Leaders & Managers Can Learn From Their Satnav

I would be very surprised in 2013 if any driver has never used a satellite navigation aid. Let’s face it, they are generally brilliant at providing us with clear instructions, usually in both a visual and audible format. They warn us of dangerous stretches of road and have no doubt saved us from the odd[…..]

Improving Your Public Speaking Ability To Become A More Successful Manager

Speaking in public is a very useful skill for any manager and in also in life. In the workplace this will include speaking in team meetings, making a sales pitch to a new client or presenting information in a board meeting. Outside work may include wedding speeches both male and female or talking at a[…..]