Need A Confidence Boost Or A Lift When Feeling Down? Try This Technique.

  Even positive ‘glass half full’ people like me can get down on occasions. Despite our best laid plans things can conspire against us, leaving us demotivated and even depressed. These memories of times of trauma in our lives (where we have felt intense negative emotions and ‘pain’) tend to fade much slower than positive[…..]

The World Of Business Needs More Trail Blazers & Here’s Why

If you want to stand out as a manager and leader then be original! For a basic example how many slide deck presentations have you sat through in the past week, month, year? For most managers the figure is going to be quite high. How many have you delivered? Again for most the answer will[…..]

Are You Making These 4 Motivation Mistakes? – Infographic

When it comes to motivating employees, many managers and leaders can waste their time and energy on the wrong methods and quickly become frustrated at their lack of ability to rouse the spirits of their team. What might seem like a rational motivator to you as a manager, may not be the same for the[…..]

Thoughts On The New Employee Shareholder Contracts

As of yesterday (1st September 2013), new legislation has come into force which allows employers to offer shares to employees in return for them giving up certain benefits. The benefits lost may include redundancy payments, their right to claim unfair dismissal and time off for training or studying.