The ‘Chess Master’ Turned Global CEO – Is That Logical?

I read a great interview on the BBC web site this week. In it Matthew Wall a BBC Business Reporter interviewed Alan Trefler the chief executive of business software group Pegasystems. The first question got me hooked but it came from the interviewee not the interviewer; “Why are we so bad at thinking logically?” asked[…..]

Respect, Stop Assuming You Have It & Start Earning It!

A lot of managers confuse respect with authority and then wonder why their people don’t always do what they have asked them to do. Managers are appointed to positions of authority but nobody can ever be appointed respect. Respect is never given, instead it is something that has to be earned.

What Makes People ‘Lucky’?

I have just read an interesting article on LinkedIn by Dharmesh Shah the Founder and CTO at HubSpot. The piece was all about ‘luck’ and how anyone can create their own? The ‘luck’ Dharmesh refers to is not the kind that wins you the Lotto but the luck that brings you success in business.

Remembrance Day

Today is 11th November 2013 and is Remembrance Day. The day in Commonwealth countries (since the end of World War I) we observe remembrance for the members of our armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

Age – Is It Just A Matter Of Time?

I read a lot of blogs and articles and a popular subject is ‘age’. I suppose it is one subject that quite literally affects us all, I celebrated my birthday just last week. As a result we all have opinions on what’s right and wrong when it comes to age and what is or isn’t[…..]

Stop The Excuses!

This blog is going to be a bit of a rant so I apologise in advance if it sounds a bit ‘shouty’. The subject of my ire is excuses and a specific kind of excuse in particular. The excuse is the one where someone tries to deflect attention away from their poor performance by pointing[…..]