‘Own Goals’ Are Only Bad In Football Matches!

As we rapidly approach the end of the year it is important to take time out to reflect on your achievements. Make a list of all the great things you have done in 2013, targets hit and/or new skills mastered. Think of new relationships formed and bridges mended where conflict had previously existed.

Using Customer Service Metrics, What Would ‘Your Management’ Score?

I love this graph and use it all the time when teaching customer service skills. It really highlights just how hard organisations need to work to keep customers satisfied. It also highlights and reinforces the old saying that “Bad news travels faster than good”. I first saw this graph many years ago as part of[…..]

Are Universities Snubbing Smaller Businesses?

In a recent report by GTI Media (publishers of TARGETjobs and Step) states that the majority of SME businesses surveyed were happy with the quality of graduates they had taken on but 59% had found it ‘a challenge’ to recruit graduates direct from universities.