Starting Your Own Business? Budget For Training!

Recent improvements in the job statistics have been assisted by a massive increase in the number of self-employed people and just a tiny increase in the creation of new PAYE jobs, experts have said. Recent quarterly labour market data, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), revealed there were just 0.2 per cent more[…..]

Success Is Not About Winning, It’s A State Of Mind!

As the Winter Olympics of Sochi 2014 comes to an end the abiding memory for me will be the significant contrast in emotion of the British women’s and men’s curling teams at the ends of their final matches. Britain’s women won curling bronze when skipper Eve Muirhead steered her team to a 6-5 victory over[…..]

Can A ‘Retail Boss’ Improve Leadership In The NHS?

Former Marks and Spencer boss Sir Stuart Rose has been appointed by the Government to lead a review into how to improve management in the NHS in England. He will be looking at how managers can improve and become more visible in hospitals. Sir Stuart Rose has also been asked to look for ideas on[…..]

Ever Been Caught Speeding? Are ‘Rules For Fools’?

According to BBC News our British ‘Spies’ are to be allowed to speed under changes to the UK motoring laws. MI5 and MI6 officers currently have to abide by the rules of the road even if national security is threatened. Under new legislation they will be given the same exemptions as police vehicles, ambulances and[…..]

Are Great Leaders Born or Made?

I joined a lively debate on a ‘radio phone in’ recently that asked a similar question to mine above but in connection with ‘entrepreneurs’. Not surprisingly most of the contributors were entrepreneurs and nearly all of them had stories of parents or grandparents that were, themselves entrepreneurial. As a result of this the vast majority[…..]

Managing Supplier Relationships

Most leaders and managers will procure goods and services for their businesses or organisations. This article is aimed at those relationships where you are responsible for the selection and ongoing management of the supplier.

The Six Thinking Hats – Infographic

We’ve all heard of the Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats haven’t we? Well, we should hope you have! In this infographic we are going to revisit these 6 learning styles and asess how you can use them in your role.