The Five Worst Traps To Avoid As A Manager

As manager’s we always fall into little traps and develop bad habits that will hinder rather than help and progress our performance. However there are certain habits and characteristics that have to be avoided like the plague – and if you currently see yourself falling into any of these categories then turn it around immediately.

10 Problems Great Managers Face

No matter how well you perform and the results you achieve, there will always be challenges and obstacles that will cause you to wonder if you are going in the right direction as a manager. Those challenges will make you question the validity of your processes and cause you to slow down in your progress.

The Four Steps to LEAD Effectively

There has never been a better time for leaders to show their colours. Many businesses could be very much more successful than they currently are if leadership was more visible in every situation. Ask most managers and they will insist that they show good leadership skills. But ask them what makes up those skills and[…..]

How Managers Can Learn From Sporting Icons

I was absolutely entranced by the Saracens versus Northampton Rugby Union Premiership Final at Twickenham. Not just because of the quality of the game, which was harrowingly-stunning in its bruising tackling and excellence in its nervous energy; but mainly because of the way that Saracens have taken the Premiership by storm – known by some[…..]