Maintaining Professional Boundaries: How to Walk The Line of Professional Behaviour

Many professionals find that they spend more time during the day at work than they do at home. With so much time spent together, employees often find themselves forming friendships with coworkers after hours as well. If all parties are not careful, these friendships may soon lead to difficulties maintaining proper boundaries in the workplace.

Optimising Work Assignments: Using Job Rotation in Factory and Office Settings

One of the greatest challenges to successful management is the optimization of work assignments. Maximising employee productivity and work flow can be a daunting task for any manager, but there are strategies to aid in the work assignment process for both those in industrial and factory settings and knowledge-based office positions.

Using Psychometric Measures in the Workplace

When asked to describe a psychometric measure, many people first think of the stereotypical Rorschach ink blot test and assume that you are trying to identify childhood traumas and psychiatric disorders. Most people think conventional tests like this are inaccurate, but in reality, psychologists can use psychometric measures to gain accurate information regarding personality types,[…..]

Prevent Your Team From Choking Under Pressure: A Leadership Perspective

It’s the decisive penalty kick of the World Cup finals. There’s pin-drop silence in the stadium as the fortunes of a football crazy country rest on the shoulders of this one player. The player taking the penalty kick is not a novice. He’s often succeeded in the past. Yet the tension is palpable. Finally he[…..]

Using Telework To Increase Employee Productivity & Engagement

The modern paradigm of work is beginning to shift away from the 40-hour work week spent in a cubicle. With a new focus placed on the work produced instead of the work process, workers are beginning to demonstrate that offering flexible work arrangements can greatly benefit both the employee and the organisation as a whole.

What’s Your Coaching Style?

Management and coaching is a very subjective topic. Each individual manager and coach has their own individual style. In the report below, we have an activity where you can see what your own coaching style is with a quick explanation for each style.