4 Steps To Part With An Employee Gracefully

The worst part of a manager’s duties is to letting go of an employee. Whether you are firing them for poor job performance, or dismissing them due to budget cuts, the task is never pleasant.

5 Ways To Deliver The Best Speech Your Team Have Ever Heard

Aside from death, public speaking is rated as the second worst fear of individuals. Having to stand in front of a group of people, whether your employees or clients, and speak, is often nerve-wrecking. However, most managers have to make speeches at work. Follow these tips to deliver a good speech that will impress your[…..]

3 Top Tips To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Managers often have to make presentations as part of their job duties. Whether you are making a sales pitch to a client, presenting a report to your company’s president or announcing a new project to your team, you need the skills to make a good presentation.

Simple Steps to Maximise the Effectiveness of Disabled Employees

With over 10 million individuals registered as disabled in the UK, an ever growing number of employers are finding themselves in the process of recruiting or hiring members of the disabled work force. Helping disabled employees to make the most of their time at work begins by taking steps to ensure that adjustments are made[…..]

Managing the Talent Paradox: How To Engage & Retain Employees

You’d think that in an economy inundated with unemployment and downsizing, organisations will find it easier to find the right kind of talent for their requirements. But employers still face challenges in recruiting and retaining the right quality of talent. This is the talent paradox – a contradiction that was first uncovered by Deloitte.