How To Write A Letter Of Resignation

If you are ready to move on from your company, whether to a new job or simply to retire, you need to write a professional resignation letter. The purpose of this document is to alert your boss of bosses of your impending departure. Although you first need tell your immediate boss about your decision verbally,[…..]

How To Use Feng Shui To Create A Functional Office Space

More and more studies are being published that recognise the effects of our surroundings on our behaviour at work. Work productivity has been found to be directly correlated to office space. More and more managers in the UK are choosing to redesign their offices with their employees in mind. One of the best-known guides to[…..]

How To Stop Wasting Time At Work

Do you find yourself staying late at work, or coming in on weekends to finish your job load? An important aspect to consider is if you are truly overworked and boggled down with too much to do, or if you are simply not productive with your time.

How To Write A Mission Statement For Your Company

When starting a new company, or being hired at the forefront of a firm’s opening, you will need to complete a list of preliminary items. First, you need to decide on a name, website and logo. You will need to figure out what items or services you will be selling, and what your unique angle[…..]

How To Remain Professional During Uncomfortable Conversations

Despite the majority of employees striving to remain polite, engaged, and productive while at work, sooner or later most people will find themselves in an uncomfortable conversation that the just can’t seem to get out of. Whether the offender is a fellow colleague, a supervisor, or a client, it is important that the uncomfortable party[…..]

Providing Retraining For Underperforming Employees

The primary goal of an organisational leader should be to support and foster creativity and productivity in employees. Part of this is ensuring that employees are able to complete their job tasks accurately and using appropriate methods. When performance reviews reveal that an employee is underperforming, leaders should consider the potential benefits of providing retraining[…..]

3 Top Tips For Employee Retention

Employee turnover costs companies a lot of money, and uses up managements’ time and effort in interviewing and training new employees. If a staff member leaves his or her post, the job load often gets transferred to other colleagues, or to the manager, causing stress and overtiredness in the whole department.