How Does A New Manager Build Successful Teams?

When new managers start on the job, they usually have a hard task of assembling a team. Whether this requires utilising existing employees, or adding new members, this process is not always as smooth as one would like it to be. Existing employees can be resistant to a change in leadership, and not respect or[…..]

How To Train The New Virtual Generation

One of the greatest challenges in the realm of training is the generational differences found amongst adult learners. While Boomers generally prefer a more traditional classroom setting based on a clear, unidirectional transfer of information from the instructor to the learner, later generations are starting to buck this model and take charge of their learning[…..]

How To Develop Trust With Your Colleagues

It is hard for some managers to step back and share control with their staff. Whether the employees have made mistakes in the past, or you simply can’t relinquish control, not having confidence in your team members can lead to negative consequences at the office.

How To Downsize Without Losing Efficiency

Since the new year started, many organisations have been reviewing their finances from the previous year. When doing so, some may notice that they are not doing as well financially as they would like to. This realisation comes with a hard choice, as one of the easiest options to save money quickly is to downsize.[…..]

The 3 Most Common Traits Of A Bad Leader

Many helpful articles focus on what it takes to be a good leader. However, just as important as it is to strive to develop good qualities, it is just as vital to assess your current style and make sure you have no characteristics of a bad leader.