Should You Ask Your Staff To Work Overtime?

With the ever-increasing job demands, many employers are requiring their staff to work overtime. This counts as any time in excess of the regular working schedule, usually 40 hours.

3 Simple Steps To Resolve Conflict Between Employees

One of the most destructive problems at work is a conflict among employees. When an argument breaks out between one or more colleagues, this often interferes with work, as individuals focus on personal issues rather than spend their time working.

How To Define Culture In The Globally Connected World

“Culture” is a term that has long been used to describe the collective intellectual achievements of a given society. In the anthropological sense, a culture is defined by a collective social, political, and legal structure, a common language, and shared views on religion and art.

The 3 Secrets To Holding Meetings Under 30 Minutes

We have all been to a meeting that has run out of control, spending hours and feeling like nothing has gotten accomplished. Even if productive, long meetings take up a lot of time out of the working day, preventing productivity and efficiency at the office.

How Do You Empower Your Staff?

Managers should make an attempt to empower their staff. Empowering means providing them with the skills and support needed to help them succeed in their profession.