3 Reasons Why You Should Consider ‘Job Sharing’

Do you have an employee so valuable, that if they call in sick, you feel like your entire office will collapse without them? Often, managers place too much responsibility on one person, and if that worker is not able to come into the office, or worse yet, quit, the entire department can’t seem to get[…..]

3 Quick Tips On Building Trust Within Your Team

Trust is imperative in any type of functional relationship, whether it be personal, romantic, or professional. When there is trust amongst colleagues, workflow is smoother and employees are happier.

Why Young Managers Should NOT Be Overlooked

When conjuring up an image of a traditional manager, most people would probably imagine someone who is middle aged. In fact, many bosses purposely abstain from hiring anyone younger because they can’t imagine these individuals leading staff that would be older than them.

How NOT To Get Buried In Emails

One of the biggest complaints from supervisors across all industries is the hours each day it takes to go through emails. Unfortunately, managers get sent the most emails out of anyone else in the company.

How To Empower Your Staff Through Open Questions

A professional relationship between a leader and employees is akin to all other relationships; as such, communication is essential to their success. There are various components to this, such as minding nonverbal communication, cultural differences, listening, etc.

How To Transform Your Company Into A ‘Role Model Firm’

Whether you are flipping through a business magazine, or reading the latest industry articles online, you undoubtedly come across certain organisations that stand out from the rest. It is hard enough to keep a firm in business and profitable, much less to make it the envy of industry peers.

Are You Still Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions?

We are all guilty of this, making new year resolutions, only to realise in February that we did not keep most of them. Although this is a regular occurrence, most of us will still end up making new resolutions year after year.