3 Tips On Dealing With An Irate Client Over The Phone

No one likes speaking to an angry person, but this scenario is even more difficult to handle when the person is a client of yours. This is a unique relationship where you have to tread very carefully to make sure the client is left happy, lest they take their business elsewhere.

Are You Unknowingly Demotivating Your Staff?

It’s beneficial for managers to think of ways to motivate their staff; however, it is just as vital to consider how you may unintentionally be demotivating them. Are you doing either or both of the following two things that causes your team members to lose their drive to succeed?

Use These Microlearning Strategies For A Better Training Experience

Training is a constant task for any manager; in addition to educating new employees about the organisation’s procedures, innovation and change also demand that existing employees be trained on a fairly consistent basis. What is frustrating for many employers is that traditional training sessions don’t seem to work for employees, as they either tune out[…..]

Use These Companies’ Approaches For A More Productive Workforce

How do you attract high performers to your organisation, and what is your strategy for keeping them? Simply offering higher-than-average salaries and bonuses is not enough in today’s labour market, where great candidates often find themselves the subject of bidding wars amongst several companies.

How To Throw A Christmas Party Nobody Will Forget

Every year,  employers have the same problem, how to top last year’s Christmas party. This event allows you to show your appreciation for your staff’s hard work all year, and allows them interact with their colleagues in a stress-free environment.

Is A Leadership Role Right For You? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself…

Not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder to a leadership position, but those that get this opportunity should not take it lightly. Being a manager requires a new set of skills that wasn’t necessary in previous roles, and not everyone who gets this role is trained or qualified to lead others.