Can Snapchat Help Your Marketing Strategy?

Another day – another social media platform is making headlines. This fun app allows users to post short photos videos, called stories, and share them with others, with the content being deleted after 24 hours.

3 Quick Tips On Running Effective Competitor Analysis

The key to getting ahead in business is to stay ahead of the competition. If are not staying on top of what products your competitors are releasing, what prices they are setting and what initiatives they are spearheading, how do you know if you are duplicating something unknowingly, or not being innovative enough?

3 Quick Tips On A Smooth Employee Transition Process

There are many reasons why you may need to transition a new employee into your team. You may have let go of a staff member, they may have given notice, or you can have promoted an employee to a senior position, and need to fill that role. The process of saying goodbye to one staff[…..]

Are You Ready For The Meetings Of The Future?

Some people love them, other hate them – meetings are a regular part of the workweek for managers, and are here to stay. However, technology and other advances have led to several changes in meetings.