3 Small Hacks That Will Make You Massively Increase Productivity

While many online articles provide tips on how you can beat the mid-week slump, many of us have a hard time simply getting through Monday! The daily responsibilities we have to face at work just seem overwhelming and the to-do list only keeps growing, which is why many people simply chug along working on one[…..]

3 Ways To Manage Your Staff After Firing An Employee

Whether it was due to lack of funds, inappropriate behaviour or poor performance, terminating an employee’s position is always difficult. While the manager assigned to this task has the hard job of relaying the bad news, and the person being fired has just lost their job, this event actually affects the entire workplace.

3 Ways Younger Managers Can Build Their Credibility With Older Staff

There are common stereotypes about millennials that are often unfair, and on the whole mostly untrue. Some of these include being lazy and constantly wanting more, whereas oftentimes they are interested in more of a work/life balance and greater transparency from their organisation. 

Why Should You Use Open Book Management?

Modern leaders know that in order to get their employees to be loyal to their companies and work at their most productive levels, they need to engage with them. Engagement has been shown to be one of the most vital strategies a manager can achieve in order to stop high employee turnover and build a[…..]

This Book Will Transform Your Managerial Performance…

Reading books on management topics is one of the best ways that leaders can constantly better themselves by freshening up their management skills. A great book to consider reading is called One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.