The Cold Hard Truths About What It’s REALLY Like To Be A Manager

Being a manager does come with certain perks, such as having the respect of your employees, a higher salary and more freedom. While these seem like great advantages to a regular employee, what many people that end up becoming managers find out is that there are also many disadvantages of being a leader.  

How The Best Managers Can Be More Persuasive With Their Team

Baby boomers, generation X and millennials are an all new breed of employees that no longer want to listen to a boss blindly and follow instructions to a tee. This is why one of the most important managerial skills to possess nowadays is persuasion.

3 Leadership Blogs You Have To Follow

You already spend most of your day online, so why not use that time to improve your managerial skills? An effective leader can increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace, create a better corporate culture and dencrease a high employee turnover.

3 Tips On Delegating Work Upwards

Most people believe the delegation is a one-way street, moving downward from upper managers to the lowest-level employees. While that might be the case most of the time, there are times when delegating works upwards as well.

Coaching Questions ALL Managers Should Use With Their Team

One of the most important, yet often-overlooked skill a manager needs to have is the ability to coach their team members. Yes, you need to make sure the project on your to-do list gets done with the help of your employees, but you also need to encourage them to grow and move up the corporate[…..]

3 Phrases Managers Need To Become More Assertive

For managers to be successful, their team members need to respect them and follow their instructions. It’s often difficult for leaders to find their place in a department as they don’t want to be seen as a micromanager, but also don’t want to be seen as a pushover.