How To Deal With Colleagues That Are Resistant To Change

Mergers, acquisitions, franchising, new software implementation, a new marketing strategy… these are all common happenings in today’s business world that require change to occur in the organisation. Change is the new status quo with increased globalisation and the internet, but not everyone at your company is always ready and willing to embrace change.

2 Ways Managers Can Deal With The Stresses Of The Job

British managers are working long days on the job, leaving little time to rest and unwind. The requirement to stay in line with company goals, meet milestones and lead their teams is a lot of responsibility that leads to stress.

The 20 Signs Of A True Leader

Are you the best leader you can be? Did you just get promoted to a leadership position and want to learn what it takes to effectively manager others?

How Can These 3 Management Models Benefit Your Team?

Being a leader is no easy task, and one that is not natural to many of us. Most managers often wish there was some kind of a blueprint that they can follow that will help them make the right decisions and leading their team.

MTD Training shortlisted for 2018 Learning Awards

After winning CIPD Best HR/L&D Supplier 2017 in September and being shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 Personnel Today Awards for Best HR Supplier Partnership (awards night is 21st November) I’m delighted to announce that MTD have been shortlisted as a finalist for another great award!

3 Ways To Keep Your Staff Loyal

Loyalty is important in our personal lives; we expect it from our partners, family and friends. However, loyalty is just as important in the workplace due to the fact that managers rely on their employees to do honest work, not divulge sensitive company information and to stick it out with the company for years to[…..]