The Most Overlooked Leadership Technique In The World

Do you want to improve your leadership skills, but don’t know where to start? There are so many online articles, management courses, textbooks and opinions about what a great leader needs to possess, that it can get overwhelming to figure out what it is you really must improve on.

10 Tell Tale Signs That Someone Is About To Walk

Due to the fact that modern employees are not as loyal to their jobs as in the years before, managers have a hard time keeping their star players. A high employee turnover can devastate a company, forcing remaining employees to pick up the slack, and causing a loss in sales while a replacement is sought.

4 Essential People Skills You Need For A Successful Career

Have you ever heard the phrase, “it’s all about who you know?” Although nepotism is not the only thing that can get you a job, the way you interact with others and your ability to build relationships can significantly affect your career.

20 Inspirational Leadership Quotes

Great quotes can come from the most traditional to the most unexpected of sources. When you want to remind yourself to be the best leader you can, you can look for quotes from the Bible, from entrepreneurs and presidents.

How To Manage Change By Empowering Your Staff

Imagine coming to work one day to find that you have been transitioned to work in an entirely new team, have to learn a completely different system to work on or answer to a new boss. This would be incredibly nerve wracking and would likely prevent you from fully accepting the changes and trying your[…..]

Training For Experienced Managers – What Can You Teach Them?

New managers typically understand that there is a lot they need to learn on the job. While they can be experts in their given fields, the art of leading other people is not innate to many, and new skills are essential to take on to be an effective manager.

3 Learner Retention Strategies For Managers

Managers are busy, often multitasking and running around to get things done. Tending to multiple clients and managing a variety of individuals requires managers to keep a lot of information in their heads, many of it incoming and new.