9 Definitions Every Manager NEEDS To Know

There is specific industry jargon that those outside of certain fields, such as technology or medicine, simply wouldn’t know. But there are certain words, terms and phrases that managers across all industries must be familiar with.

The 4 Worst Things a Manager Can Do

Can a manager do anything wrong, even if they are the leader of their team? Absolutely! While most people believe that employees are the ones who need to watch how they act in front of their superior, it may be more important for the opposite to occur.

3 Things Every Manager Should Know About Their Team

A manager is not just a person who tells their staff what needs to be done and when. This individual is a leader that managers a team of people; as such, it is imperative that they know certain information about them.

4 Essential Mentoring Skills

As a manager you will have an important and unique role in not only getting results for your department and company, but also in developing the skill-sets, the knowledge and the responsibilities of your team members. And today, one of the most important of those roles is being a mentor.

4 Things Leaders Should Never Do

You may be so laser focused on the things you should do as a leader, that you may not notice the things you are doing that you should not be. It’s always great to aspire to how you can improve as a boss to better your team’s morale and productivity, but it is just as[…..]

The 4 Negotiation Skills Every Leader Should Have

It has been proven time and time again that being a dictator in the office is not the best leadership tactic. Instead of micromanaging your employees and telling them what needs to be done, you can improve productivity and better your corporate culture by involving your entire team in the decision making process, making your[…..]