3 Reasons Why You Should Delegate More To Your Team

You already know that without your team, you wouldn’t be able to get the majority of your tasks done. You have employees, so you already give them projects and manage their outputs, but do you assess your delegation tactics and ever wonder if you should delegate more?

What Can YOU Do To Stop Your Team From Leaving?

Every manager needs to keep one figure in mind: every time an employee leaves, it can take six to nine months of their salary to recruit, hire and onboard their replacement. Thus, if that person made £100,000 per year, it can take from £60,000-£90,000 to replace them.

3 Ways Empowerment Can Lead To Higher Job Satisfaction

The term empowerment is being thrown around a lot these days in corporate meetings and management trainings, but when asked, not all managers can precisely answer what it is. Some believe it is delegating while others rewarding their staff members.

2 Ways Bigger Teams Can Improve Employee Motivation

Motivating employees is a large part of the manager’s role. It is a proven fact that individuals perform smarter and better when they are empowered, provided with clear objectives and rewards for achieving them.

8 Coaching Do’s And Don’ts

If you are reading this article, you already know the importance of coaching your employees. However, not every manager has innate coaching skills that they feel confident with.